Wednesday, 29 April 2015

getting ready for Sydney Miniatures Fair

As they say,"good things come to those that wait". Sorry about the delay between posts.

Life has been a little intense in the last couple of months, for starters I had a series of miniatures to work on for the Sydney Fair, the Embassy Theater to be completed for photos for advertising for the AMEA Convention in October and then a mockup model for the first in a set of eight 1 gauge (1/32) Rub set train carriages from New South Wales in Australia for a live steam running weekend, same weekend as the Sydney show, as well as assembling kits for Sydney and to just top it off I took on a prop making position on a TV series. My health crashed and I ended up being unable to do very much, very well of anything.

Step one was to withdraw from the TV show after the first lot of props and designs for the second set where completed. The advantage of working for people who I have worked with before is that they where able to understand what was going on and were able to find a replacement who was happy to have my designs to work with. It is unfortunate that I needed to withdraw because the props needed where really interesting and if my health had been OK I would have enjoyed making them.

Secondly was having a serious talk with some friends and asking for the help that they had offered previously. This was given and that has taken a huge weight off my shoulders.

So where am I at and what am I getting done, The train carriage that I first did a sample of 3 years ago, but have totally rejigged is now almost ready for paint, it was primed earlier today and I'm really happy with how its looking. I have to go to Parramatta tomorrow for some model paint to get the correct colour to paint it. I'm presently casting the Air Conditioner box's and some detail pieces that hang underneath and are such an important visual component to the carriage. Somewhere on my bench under all the mess are the bumper plates ready for sealing and priming. The Bogies I had laser cut in 1mm steel arrived yesterday to which I fitted roller bearings and wheels, I still have to make some very small shock absorbers to finish off the bogie side frame details before casting those as well. All in all it's coming together after almost driving me to the Psych Unit at Katoomba Hospital.

The Embassy Theater only needs a replacement top Neon name signage finished and fitted, the photos have been done by a friend who loves photographing miniatures and has the camera equipment to do a great job. The photos are with the editor who is putting the workshop package together for posting out next week and as soon as those are out I'll be able to post some photos here as I am really pleased with it. It will also be on display on the AMEA table next weekend at the Sydney Dollhouse and Miniatures Fair. As some of you will be aware, this was a project that I proposed as part of a Kickstarter funding project, since then I have turned it into workshop project for the AMEA Convention in October that I will be teaching. It will be a 3 day workshop that will generally be able to be finished in the time, but will have full instructions to allow kits to be assembled at home but without my supple tones passing on some of my modelling techniques.

Kit manufacture and assembly has started so I'll hopefully have a full range of kits on hand at my trading table at the Fair as well as the catalog of my wallpapers for order. (Found the Bumpers, put them where I won't loose them again.)

Will be starting on the Blue Waters Art Deco house after the show so that will be the next kit available.

WOW its now 3 days later and got distracted by work so will post this NOW

yours in miniatures


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  1. Hello Wazo are you okay now love your work I will ring you soon take care