Monday, 26 October 2015

Embassy Theatre workshop

 Class of 2015
We got started but we didn't quite get finished, but we will.
The Australian Miniatures Enthusiasts Association Convention over the October long weekend has been and gone and everyone seemed to have a mostly great time. Me, well I had my first miniature workshop as a tutor, It was a bit more intense than I had expected and we didn't get as much finished as I planned before hand, but considering the complexity of the project everyone seemed happy with what was learned and what we got done. A group of 4 are going to come up to my workshop a little later in the year to finish off.

The top photo shows the exteriors but the interiors were also mostly assembled and in the process of being decorated and wallpapered and not ready to fit inside the exterior as we were packing up when we took these photos. 

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Airbnb commercial

I know its been a while so firstly a video of a commercial for Airbnb that I had the pleasure to work on. All projects of this nature are made by a team of people but I was offered the job of creating the miniature sets for each of the 8 levels and then to replicate 36 models for each level. I spent 5 weeks of long days creating all the scenes plus the scenes that also weren't used. That's life in this business.

I've also attached a 4 minute video of behind the scenes which helps to show off the model better.

Please enjoy.


Thursday, 30 July 2015

A Quick Post

Just a quick post to let every one know that I've been swamped under with miniature work for a new commercial that is very interesting and exciting set in a miniatures world. I can't talk about it at the moment as I need to get back to work but in a few weeks I'll be able to talk about and show you all something pretty special.

Yours in miniatures


Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Queenslander Lighting kits now available for order

The components have now arrived for the lighting kits for the 1/48th 1920s Queenslander kit. they are now listered in the shop for delivery starting next Monday 8th June. Their are 2 versions available,

Kit QL1 includes all components (replacement ceiling, 7 warm white Led's, wire, battery box with switch and battery and instructions for you to assemble, soldering required for $20+ postage.
1/48th 1920s Queenslander lighting kit. QL1

Kit QL2 includes all components pre-soldered for $30+ postage.
1/48th 1920s Queenslander lighting kit pre soldered, QL2

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Queenslander kit parts missing

It has been bought to my attention that the rear doors are missing from the latest batch of Queenslander kits that were sold primarily at the Sydney show, If you purchased 1 of these please let me know with your postal address and I will post a replacement set out to you.

Because I am a 1 man band, sometimes these things happen and I'm sorry if it slows you down but as with all my kits, if you have a problem let me know and we'll resolve it.

Yours in miniatures

Saturday, 16 May 2015

New 1/48th kits being worked on !!!!!!!!

My final post today is to let you know that I have spent this week amongst other things, working on the design drawings for the "Blue Waters" Art Deco house and a Spanish Mission revival 2 story house (also in 24th as a 1 off), both of these will be pretty spectacular houses to build and decorate, but they are a lot of work to get the design and construction method right to make a successful kit. It's not that easy taking a real house and making it work as a miniature without loosing the characteristic of the original, but people seem to like what I'm doing with my kits and it's what I want to do so I'll just have to keep at it.

I have also been playing with a Miami Beach Art Deco Hotel frontage for a 3 story hotel that would be a single room deep so on the ground floor is the lobby and on each floor will be a room on either side with a hall between, this would allow rooms to be done in different styles with the halls and lobby providing continuity within the building.

However I am having to balance my time between these and the train carriages previously talked about so they will be coming as soon as I'm able to get them ready. 2 other projects that have been added to the list for later construction are a New Zealand Bach (North Island) or Crib (South Island) which is a small holiday house built around all the coastlines of NZ, probably an early post war fibro version and also a more modern Eco version and finally a medium 1970s style caravan also in 1/48th.

All these projects will come with time as I can fit them into the space I have available inside my brain.

 I would also like to thank Melody for her kind wish's, the seagulls arrived this morning, they obviously had a tail wind and didn't care about the time difference.

yours in miniatures

1/48th 1920s Queenslander lighting kit.

The lighting set for the 1920s Queenslander will be available in a couple of weeks,I am just awaiting the last couple of components to finish the kit. I have decided it will be available in 2 versions,
1: as a kit with instructions for you to solder and assemble for $20Aud
2: a pre-soldered assembly ready to paint and fit for $30Aud.
Both will include replacement ceiling panel, 7 warm white led's, battery and battery holder, switch, wiring and heat shrink plus instructions.

I will announce them here as soon as they are available in my shop, but I wanted to keep people updated as I have been getting requests for these.

yours in miniatures

1/32nd NSW "RUB" train carriages

Hi all,
Something a little different , the other project that I have been working on is a set of 1/32nd NSW "RUB" carriages, these are photos of a proof of concept model that I quickly knocked together for a train meet, now I have to get down to building a full set of 8 carriages in 5 different styles to make a set.
They will also need to have all the small castings and details designed, mastered and cast to finish them off, things like door handles, hand rails and a full interior as well as all the decals to replicate the sign-writing. These will probably take me the next couple of months to get done, but these are a project I need to complete as there is a lot of interest in these models due to a new live steam model of a NSW 38class locomotive coming out.

These carriage are to Gauge 1 specs to run on 45mm garden rail track.

yours in miniatures

Monday, 4 May 2015

Embassy Theater in 1/48th

With the Sydney show just ended and the workshop and kits for the AMEA Convention announced for October I can now show you my 1/48th Embassy Theater that I will be doing at the Convention. This is a project that I have been working on over the last 8 months and it is fun to finally be able to show it off. It is based on the Embassy theater in Katoomba, NSW, Australia which like a lot of old theaters is now a retail shop.

I am still very tired and had a trip into Sydney today as well, so will do a fuller report on the show later in the week.

I hope you enjoy.

yours in miniatures


Wednesday, 29 April 2015

getting ready for Sydney Miniatures Fair

As they say,"good things come to those that wait". Sorry about the delay between posts.

Life has been a little intense in the last couple of months, for starters I had a series of miniatures to work on for the Sydney Fair, the Embassy Theater to be completed for photos for advertising for the AMEA Convention in October and then a mockup model for the first in a set of eight 1 gauge (1/32) Rub set train carriages from New South Wales in Australia for a live steam running weekend, same weekend as the Sydney show, as well as assembling kits for Sydney and to just top it off I took on a prop making position on a TV series. My health crashed and I ended up being unable to do very much, very well of anything.

Step one was to withdraw from the TV show after the first lot of props and designs for the second set where completed. The advantage of working for people who I have worked with before is that they where able to understand what was going on and were able to find a replacement who was happy to have my designs to work with. It is unfortunate that I needed to withdraw because the props needed where really interesting and if my health had been OK I would have enjoyed making them.

Secondly was having a serious talk with some friends and asking for the help that they had offered previously. This was given and that has taken a huge weight off my shoulders.

So where am I at and what am I getting done, The train carriage that I first did a sample of 3 years ago, but have totally rejigged is now almost ready for paint, it was primed earlier today and I'm really happy with how its looking. I have to go to Parramatta tomorrow for some model paint to get the correct colour to paint it. I'm presently casting the Air Conditioner box's and some detail pieces that hang underneath and are such an important visual component to the carriage. Somewhere on my bench under all the mess are the bumper plates ready for sealing and priming. The Bogies I had laser cut in 1mm steel arrived yesterday to which I fitted roller bearings and wheels, I still have to make some very small shock absorbers to finish off the bogie side frame details before casting those as well. All in all it's coming together after almost driving me to the Psych Unit at Katoomba Hospital.

The Embassy Theater only needs a replacement top Neon name signage finished and fitted, the photos have been done by a friend who loves photographing miniatures and has the camera equipment to do a great job. The photos are with the editor who is putting the workshop package together for posting out next week and as soon as those are out I'll be able to post some photos here as I am really pleased with it. It will also be on display on the AMEA table next weekend at the Sydney Dollhouse and Miniatures Fair. As some of you will be aware, this was a project that I proposed as part of a Kickstarter funding project, since then I have turned it into workshop project for the AMEA Convention in October that I will be teaching. It will be a 3 day workshop that will generally be able to be finished in the time, but will have full instructions to allow kits to be assembled at home but without my supple tones passing on some of my modelling techniques.

Kit manufacture and assembly has started so I'll hopefully have a full range of kits on hand at my trading table at the Fair as well as the catalog of my wallpapers for order. (Found the Bumpers, put them where I won't loose them again.)

Will be starting on the Blue Waters Art Deco house after the show so that will be the next kit available.

WOW its now 3 days later and got distracted by work so will post this NOW

yours in miniatures


Saturday, 21 February 2015

1/48th "Queenslander" Assembly manual

1-48th Queenslander - Assembly manual.pdf

Friday, 20 February 2015

My Internet miniatures shop now open

It's finally happened, my shop is now open so that I can put my kits out as soon as they are ready.

Find it here:

I am really pleased with how it looks and so far works, but your feedback can only help to make it better and easier to use.

I have added a currency converter to assist overseas buyers and a full shopping cart with Australia Post shipping. There is no  packaging fee in the postage pricing. I hope that all is self explanatory  .

After ongoing discussions with customers/friends I have decided to add wallpapers in 1/48th to my collection. These will be added slowly and ongoing. They are all printed by me on 130gsm hi res paper with pigment inks, so they do not run with water and the colour is stable. These setting I have found suitable and the papers look good, I hope you will agree. At this stage I will primarily be doing papers to suit my house styles but this will grow in the future. All sheets a A4 and will come with 4 prints 67mm high  x 201mm wide,( 2' 7/8" x 7' 15/16" ) more than enough to do one room a sheet and possibly 2. Pricing is $2.50 a sheet.

I will also shortly be adding options like a lighting kit for the Queenslander and alternative options for various kits.

Yours in miniatures


Thursday, 19 February 2015

Tonia's Painted Lady

Thanks to Tonia in Queensland for supplying some photos of her Painted Lady. She was also the first in line in Brisbane to buy a "Queenslander" Kit which I know she will enjoy building.

Please enjoy looking at her photos

Thanks Tonia for sharing

yours in miniatures

Returning from Brisbane with a new Energy

My wife Elizabeth and I have just returned from Queensland where we were traders at the 1st Brisbane Miniatures and Dollhouse Extravaganza. The show went very well for us and people really seemed to enjoy what we had to show and sell and we really enjoyed the feedback and talking with other Traders and participants.

Thanks to Julie and Patron Richard and all those that were able to support this new show. We were told that it will be back on next year and we will be returning. With more time now and having the basics done I know that Julie will provide an even better show for next year.

While at the show I was able to meet with a couple of people who have previously purchased kits and was able to get some photos from Tonia which will go in the next posting.

While in Brisbane we stayed with Kim and Mac and Jag the Doberman. Thanks for your hospitality and friendship. We are looking forward to catching up at Sydney. While staying with Kim we had a bit of a workshop on using shellac as a sealer and from that I feel I need to do another post about the correct use and the wonder of shellac as a sealer.

yours in miniatures

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The next kit news

Hello all, after the successful design and build of the 1920s Queenslander and kits are being assembled for next weeks Brisbane miniatures show " I hav good news and I hav bad news" said with a very bad German accent, " Ve vill begin with das bad" the Bendigo Art Deco house which was to have been my next kit has been put on hold. I know, I know all you Art Deco fans have been waiting patiently for it but "das good news" is another Streamline Moderne house first. I have reached agreement with the owner David Cavanagh about building a 1/48th kit of his home in Perth " Blue Waters". This is a more interesting as a first Deco build and will be able to sit alongside the Bendigo house as a significantly different variation on the Art Deco theme.

Image courtesy D. Cavanagh

David's website has some interesting history and photos of the "Original Party Palace" as its known so please check out his website at "Blue Waters house in Perth".

Yours in miniatures

Friday, 23 January 2015

1/48th 1920s Queenslander prototype build

I've finally got the Queenslander prototype finished, I've been distracted by doing a bit of prop making for a TV series in Melbourne. I'm very happy with the look of the Queenslander and I'm looking forward to having it on display at the Brisbane show in February. It's now ready for cutting of kits and assembling another one to take photos of for the assembly manual

I have to head out now to assist my local miniatures group, but wanted to get these out before I go. I will put more details up later today as well as some info about a New and exciting Streamline Moderne house.

Yours in miniatures

This is my first kit to include all internal doors and door architraves as well as all external doors and windows. The floor boards and decking timbers with nail heads are also etched for easy finishing. The only things need to finish the kit to look like photos are paint, wallpaper and glue and scenic material. I have found new thickness materials for the windows and doors that has increased the realism and construct-ability.

Friday, 2 January 2015

A New year is on us.

Happy New Year everyone, 

 I have just started the Queenslander kit in 1/48th. At this stage I only have the base structure assembled. You get that perfect first and then start fitting the details. As a new addition this kit will come with all internal doors and architrave. I have also etched all the floorboards and decking timbers with nail holes. Their are 3 sets of french doors and 7 single doors, most external doors will have glass fanlights above and grill vents above the internals. Also 5 double casement windows and an archway for the hallway, front and rear steps and detailed hand railing. It will also come with correct corrugated card for the roof.

Front and right verandahs, Bedrooms at front, kitchen at right.


Front and left 2x bedrooms and bathroom at rear

I am also doing this house slightly different by having access by removing the roof instead of walls. The New Zealand railway house showed that this is quite feasible. This works better because of the balcony's and detail pieces and because you can see through the french doors and windows into the rooms. The exterior walls will be clad in basswood weatherboard or clapboard siding to our American cousins.

Stumps and floor framing.

Rear, kitchen to left, bathroom to right.

There are still a lot of details to add to this basic structure so keep an eye on this blog for further updates.

As I've said before I will have this kit available first at the Brisbane Dollhouse and Miniature Extravaganza first weekend in February, and plan to have a fully finished display model available. I will also be bringing up some stock of previous kits, putting it in the boot rather than having to carry it on a plane makes a big difference.

I had a lovely request from a women in Bowral for the Bendigo Streamline Moderne house in 1/24h rather than 1/48th as a kit. Is there any other interest in 1/24th for houses as my newer buildings don't just scale up from 48th by using thicker materials but need a fair bit of readjustment for different materials as well as 4x as much of thicker material. So for it to be economic I need to make as a commission or to believe that I will sell more than a couple of kits. The other comments from her were some suggestions for other 20th century Australian homes, which I've been looking into and fit with where I'm heading. The Bendigo Streamline house is the next kit into production followed by an Art deco multi story frontage with front rooms that can be set up as a variety of apartments or hotel rooms.

 My houses are becoming more architecturally correct with each new kit, which I'm enjoying creating and are now suitable as display house's or to go on model railway layouts as well as dollhouses.

Yours in miniatures