Saturday, 16 May 2015

New 1/48th kits being worked on !!!!!!!!

My final post today is to let you know that I have spent this week amongst other things, working on the design drawings for the "Blue Waters" Art Deco house and a Spanish Mission revival 2 story house (also in 24th as a 1 off), both of these will be pretty spectacular houses to build and decorate, but they are a lot of work to get the design and construction method right to make a successful kit. It's not that easy taking a real house and making it work as a miniature without loosing the characteristic of the original, but people seem to like what I'm doing with my kits and it's what I want to do so I'll just have to keep at it.

I have also been playing with a Miami Beach Art Deco Hotel frontage for a 3 story hotel that would be a single room deep so on the ground floor is the lobby and on each floor will be a room on either side with a hall between, this would allow rooms to be done in different styles with the halls and lobby providing continuity within the building.

However I am having to balance my time between these and the train carriages previously talked about so they will be coming as soon as I'm able to get them ready. 2 other projects that have been added to the list for later construction are a New Zealand Bach (North Island) or Crib (South Island) which is a small holiday house built around all the coastlines of NZ, probably an early post war fibro version and also a more modern Eco version and finally a medium 1970s style caravan also in 1/48th.

All these projects will come with time as I can fit them into the space I have available inside my brain.

 I would also like to thank Melody for her kind wish's, the seagulls arrived this morning, they obviously had a tail wind and didn't care about the time difference.

yours in miniatures

1/48th 1920s Queenslander lighting kit.

The lighting set for the 1920s Queenslander will be available in a couple of weeks,I am just awaiting the last couple of components to finish the kit. I have decided it will be available in 2 versions,
1: as a kit with instructions for you to solder and assemble for $20Aud
2: a pre-soldered assembly ready to paint and fit for $30Aud.
Both will include replacement ceiling panel, 7 warm white led's, battery and battery holder, switch, wiring and heat shrink plus instructions.

I will announce them here as soon as they are available in my shop, but I wanted to keep people updated as I have been getting requests for these.

yours in miniatures

1/32nd NSW "RUB" train carriages

Hi all,
Something a little different , the other project that I have been working on is a set of 1/32nd NSW "RUB" carriages, these are photos of a proof of concept model that I quickly knocked together for a train meet, now I have to get down to building a full set of 8 carriages in 5 different styles to make a set.
They will also need to have all the small castings and details designed, mastered and cast to finish them off, things like door handles, hand rails and a full interior as well as all the decals to replicate the sign-writing. These will probably take me the next couple of months to get done, but these are a project I need to complete as there is a lot of interest in these models due to a new live steam model of a NSW 38class locomotive coming out.

These carriage are to Gauge 1 specs to run on 45mm garden rail track.

yours in miniatures

Monday, 4 May 2015

Embassy Theater in 1/48th

With the Sydney show just ended and the workshop and kits for the AMEA Convention announced for October I can now show you my 1/48th Embassy Theater that I will be doing at the Convention. This is a project that I have been working on over the last 8 months and it is fun to finally be able to show it off. It is based on the Embassy theater in Katoomba, NSW, Australia which like a lot of old theaters is now a retail shop.

I am still very tired and had a trip into Sydney today as well, so will do a fuller report on the show later in the week.

I hope you enjoy.

yours in miniatures