Monday, 26 October 2015

Embassy Theatre workshop

 Class of 2015
We got started but we didn't quite get finished, but we will.
The Australian Miniatures Enthusiasts Association Convention over the October long weekend has been and gone and everyone seemed to have a mostly great time. Me, well I had my first miniature workshop as a tutor, It was a bit more intense than I had expected and we didn't get as much finished as I planned before hand, but considering the complexity of the project everyone seemed happy with what was learned and what we got done. A group of 4 are going to come up to my workshop a little later in the year to finish off.

The top photo shows the exteriors but the interiors were also mostly assembled and in the process of being decorated and wallpapered and not ready to fit inside the exterior as we were packing up when we took these photos. 

yours in miniatures



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