Friday, 20 June 2014

I've now started on the next version of a Victorian Row House. An Italianate fronted version based on a photo of a house a customer found on the internet, I have been looking for more photos of this house or to narrow down it's location to where in San Francisco, but I suppose I really doesn't need more than I've got to get the house designed as it is a very typical design,

It is the house to the left that I'll be working with, which is just a little plainer than the one on the right, I will be using the same structure for the interior and redesigning the exterior details for a more
Italianate look. This will allow this house to be intermixed with the previous and future versions as part of a street scene by being able to fit on the existing bases.

The other thing that I have to get finalised is the fitting of windows and trim section for the assembly manual of Painted Lady version 1, Once that is finished I will then be ready to start selling the kit properly. As I posted last time the first kit has gone out, but as she was excited to get it, we agreed to send it before the assembly manual was finished. I am using a resin coated board for the windows and extras trim with an adhesive backing, this allows easy gluing to the acetate used for the glass.

Well I'd better get back to work.

Yours in miniatures


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