Tuesday, 14 October 2014

8 Days before heading to NZ

It's been a couple of weeks since my last posting, but I've been busy getting ready for the New Zealand Dollhouse Convention and and I've also been putting a Kickstarter project together to further develop and build Art Deco miniature structures. My Kickstarter project will be going live before I head to NZ on the 23rd and I only have a short video to shoot tomorrow to finalise it. I will do a posting when it's live and hopefully we can spread the word about it. The NZ Railway houses are going well, my big concern is how many to take ?, This being my first trading show I'm having to guess what is wanted and how many of each and because I'm flying in I'm also limited by the weight that I can take as excess baggage as well as not getting too badly stung with import and gst tax's. O well if we didn't have these things to stress about, it would be something else.

I was advised of modeller Richard Gardiner, a wonderful architectural miniaturist in Christchurch who makes small scale models of peoples houses, It seems that since the Earthquake in 2012 he has been getting lots of requests for him to make replicas of peoples damaged homes before they lose them. He has an interesting website http://scaleddown.co.nz which shows a lot of the houses he's built. Unfortunately most of the photos are small but you still really get a sense of New Zealand homes and what he's achieving. I e-mailed him over the weekend and have arranged to meet him while I'm in Christchurch which I'm looking forward to.

Assembly of 40 railway Houses in 2 versions, Ice cream containers of sub assembly components.
Sunday week ago I had a lovely meeting with the editors of the Australian Miniature Enthusiasts Association magazine, Anna-Maria Sviatko and Jennifer Howlett. They interviewed me and then were heading up to see Louis Morley and Marilyn Pride for a future article after seeing our display at this years Sydney Dollhouse Fair. I had a great time talking with them and showing them around my workshop and some of my projects. Anna-Maria spotted my mockup of the NZ Railway house and immediately asked if I could build one in 12th scale, of course the answer was yes and when she's ready she knows where to find me. Well its time to head inside as we have a storm going on outside, mind you we need the rain.

Yours in miniatures

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