Monday, 29 September 2014

1/48th New Zealand Railway house. 1920s

Hi all, or is there anybody out there, Pink Floyd's "The Wall", brilliant album.

Have been busy with finishing the New Zealand Railway houses, have 2 versions almost done. Version 1 is the Dutch gable roofed version that I showed in the last post with further refinements and a change to the lattice work, Version 2 is the N/S gable version with the diagonal lattice. The window in the center of the first photo shows that windows can be installed open or closed during assembly.

Front and left side of  NZR house Version 2
Rear of Version 2

Left side open

Right side open

N/S gable roof

Right side

Front elevation

I will get some photos of the revised Version 1 on later today.

Yours in miniatures

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