Sunday, 9 November 2014

A successful return from New Zealand Convention 2014

 I got home late Thursday night a week ago and boy have I been shattered since, finally started to come right and about time to get back writing and back to work.

Firstly to those who have outstanding orders from the convention, the machines are running and I hope to have all in the post by Tuesday, a week later than I had hoped but I must have been running on adrenaline in NZ because I definitely ran out when I got home.

And on to the convention, I really had a great time during the convention,(we won't mention the dinner) being able to talk with people about my kit's and my future plans for new kits and larger structures. Thank you to all who took some of your time to spend some with me, this was one of my main reasons for coming over, to help me see if what I'm doing and where I'm going is what is wanted in the miniatures world. I believed it was and after the weekend I got the response loud and clear that it is what's missing and what you want. Thinking about things later, I had sold a good number of Tudor Mill Houses and sending more over but not one person asked when I would be doing another Tudor building, but I had questions about Art Deco, 1950s, modern and even the 70s. Arghhhh the 70s, your had to have lived it to believe it, and there was some interesting housing coming out in that period that would make interesting miniatures. More importantly some amazing colours were being used and so much of the furniture would be able to be build by most miniaturists.

I loved the display and the great selection of houses, roomboxs and mini's on display. Even thought some things could have been done a little differently, overall congratulations to the Nelson Miniatures club and all involved for hosting a good show of the New Zealand miniatures and dollhouse scene, and in amongst all that organising they also built one of the highlights of the show in their Wedding Marquee which when the lights where turned off on the Saturday night was just magic

Wedding Marquee by Nelson Miniatures club

Wedding Marquee by Nelson miniatures club
Wedding Marquee by Nelson Miniatures club

Some of my other personnel favorites were the 1/24th Art Deco houses that just captured the look of a small NZ bungalow so beautifully,

Art Deco House by Kathy Crighton
Art Deco House with flowering cherry by Alison Ede

 as well as the Resene Paint shop in a paint bucket......

Resene Shop by Glenys Hill

the elderly couple in the garden beautifully made by Mike and Ginny Ind, from Dunedin.

and finally for this post Rae van der Logt from Nelson's version of my Tudor Mill Kit, looking good.

Tudor Mill house by Rae van der Logt
These and many more of which I will show some more later displayed the talent and creativity of mini people in NZ.

Since getting home I have started the cutting drawings for the cinema, the drawings for the Streamline Moderne house as well as finding a prototype and starting the drawings for a 1920s Queenslander. Now that I'm waking up and when I get the ordered kits cut, boxed and posted I will be starting back on the Helical House to get ready to take to Queensland for the Dollhouse and Miniatures Extravaganza over the weekend of February 7th and 8th February 2015. If anyone has anything mini's that could help to make this a successful new show please contact Julie Boyer at for all and any information and to offer mini's for display, she was telling me that they are also organising pickup if necessary, so no excuses. I have also started with John Marsh to assemble the room boxes for the Art gallery for the Sydney show in May. This is what my week is like when I'm knackered.

Yours in miniatures

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