Sunday, 14 December 2014

Pre Christmas, up finally for air.

I know it's been 5 weeks since my last post. I've been a little off the air, those who know me are aware that I have a mental disorder which always has a effect on me but sometimes wipes me out more than I can deal with. Since returning from the New Zealand Dollhouse Convention at the end of October, I have been struggling a lot with staying on top of life and generally I seem to cope for short periods at a time and very lucky if it lasts a day . I am not looking for pity or anything, but I believe that it's ok and needed to talk about mental health, it shouldn't be hidden away.

I have started coming back up for air in the last few days and more importantly have cleaned up my workshop so I can get back to some productive work. I had previously sent out all the kits to New Zealand and Australia that had been ordered at the convention, having not heard from anyone I'm assuming they all arrived safe and sound and that at some time I'll get to see finished pictures on the web.

Had the Laser cutter die due to heat stroke about 4 weeks ago, finally got spares from China on Thursday and it's now back up and running. If nothing else it allowed me to not stress about getting things designed and cut and so I could look after myself without beating myself up for not getting things ready for the  Brisbane dollhouse and miniature extravaganza in February,  I am still planning on having the Helical House ready even though I've lost 4 weeks as well as a 1/48th Queenslander house kit.

This is the house that I'm basing the design on, it is a typical 1920s house with 3 bedrooms,living room, bathroom and kitchen as well as L shaped veranda. The laundry and cloths line are under the house. It will be available first at the Brisbane show as I quite like the idea of a new local house suitable to the location of a show. The NZ railway house went down well in NZ and I feel that this should be an interesting addition for Queensland. Being 1/48th it is also suitable for O gauge
and On30 model railway layouts.

I have been asked if I intend to make furniture kits in 1/48th to go with my houses, at this stage the answer is no, because their are a good selection of furniture kit makers out their and I would rather commit primarily to structures, houses etc. However their are future projects floating around in the either of my brain that will require interiors that aren't currently provided so lets never say never.

I did get to the AMEA workshop 2 weeks ago and had an enjoyable day making up a suitcase from a workshop held by Kathy Brindle, thanks Kathy, I enjoyed meeting up with you and had fun with the project. I haven't completed the suitcases yet  as I just haven't had the head space but I am looking forward to getting them done. While there I borrowed some interesting books from the club library and had some lovely talks with other miniaturists. I was also voted in as a general member on the committee so hopefully having a male on the committee will help to broaden the discussions about the club and what it offers.
Speaking of the AMEA, the 1/48th Embassy Theater sample is slowly progressing, the main structure is designed and assembled, and painting, detailing and lighting are started. This is my workshop proposal for next years Australian Dollhouse Convention in October. It will be spread over 3 days but will allow time off to have a look at other things going on. Details will be in the "Tiny Times" magazine next year and on this blog after that has gone out.

The 1/48th Art Deco house kit has been developing further in my brain and in drawings and I have finalised how to have lovely curved walls, glass bricks and some of those details that are needed to have a Streamline Moderne house, I am quite excited about this house and also after some discussions with other miniaturists about the possibility of a 1/12th Deco house or apartment. Earlier today I purchased a book, Miami Beach Deco which includes 12 buildings die cut in card in approximately 1/48, it will add some more ideas of what to do when I run out of ideas. It was published in 1998 but still sealed, I love E-bay.

And finally for this post, through the Paris Art Deco Society I was able to bring the photo of the Paris department store interior to their attention and through their members was able to find more details about this amazing Art Deco structure. It is the Magasin Robert Bely, at 45, bd haussman et 16, rue des Mathurins, Paris 9e arrondissement. The store appears to have only been open 1929-30 and that is why very few seem to know much about it. I was supplied some photos through the Paris Art Deco society and then I was able to find some drawings through an Architecture website. This will make a stunning display piece for someone to display collections in that one day I hope to be able to build this for someone one day. Thank you again for your support PADS in helping with info on this building

Until next time,

Yours in miniatures


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