Saturday, 16 May 2015

1/32nd NSW "RUB" train carriages

Hi all,
Something a little different , the other project that I have been working on is a set of 1/32nd NSW "RUB" carriages, these are photos of a proof of concept model that I quickly knocked together for a train meet, now I have to get down to building a full set of 8 carriages in 5 different styles to make a set.
They will also need to have all the small castings and details designed, mastered and cast to finish them off, things like door handles, hand rails and a full interior as well as all the decals to replicate the sign-writing. These will probably take me the next couple of months to get done, but these are a project I need to complete as there is a lot of interest in these models due to a new live steam model of a NSW 38class locomotive coming out.

These carriage are to Gauge 1 specs to run on 45mm garden rail track.

yours in miniatures

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