Friday, 21 July 2017

Rose Cottage: an update

Rose cottage is back in the works after not being able to work on it at the level I want to put into it. Due do my illness I was unable to finish it and have it at the May Sydney Dollhouse show. But I did invite Rosie who had travelled up from Tasmania to the show to come up and check it out.

She arrived and came into the house and was saying hello when she spotted her dollshouse from the kitchen doors "Is that mine" then no chance stopping her as she rushed down to have a look. I wish I'd taken some photos but I was just struggling to hold it together. Just to say I think she liked it, I believe the tears were of joy.

The plan is now that meds are finally working, is to have it ready for next month for pick-up and delivery to Rosie in Tassie before a particular special event.

Yours in miniatures

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  1. Hi! I can't find proper contact details for you. Are you still selling the Queenslander? And how much is it? Thanks!