Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Where are things up to.

Hi all,

first their has been no mega finalisation of Rose Cottage,Yet. 3 reasons, first is that I was swamped with the success  of the WW3 Urban Terrain Table, it is on schedule to go into the post by mid October, the laser cutter is running some days constantly cutting kits to be sorted and bagged, and second is that I've purchased a new resin 3D printed.

So what's that got to do with delaying Rose Cottage, well lighting, have you ever tried buying light fittings to suit a Craftsman house, there is nothing available that I like that would suit this house, so that means making them. I have some beautiful catalogues that show a lot of the styles that I can put (some of ) into this house and one way to get them is to 3d print them. The drawing up of simple 3d drawings is reasonably easy but the trick has been in learning how to get a printer to actually print accurately. Resin printers can print astonishing detail but are not plug and play and so between rebuilding the printer to actually print accurately (still not there yet) and learning new programming to be able to create supports etc to allow it to print and not fall apart during printing, take time and mental energy. Of which I have a lot but never enough. to be continued....

But in the meantime, while never having enough to do, I have been playing with a couple of designs for some new simplified laser kits that will sell for under $40, these are based on plan designs from MakeCNC.com but with my own alterations to design, scale and build-ability.

The first is a 1/12th Gypsy Wagon, a test sample has been made, but I have more alterations to make to the exterior design before showing you more, a few days away. It has an easily removable roof for access with internal dimensions of 273mm long x 184mm wide and 195mm high at the peak of the ceiling. It comes with 2 shelf units, a bed and table which can be used or you can create your own interior.

The other is a 1/24th house based on the house from the movie Up, Elizabeth Barnes has been working with me on testing assembly and she is decorating a sample. Again, after making a sample I find lots of things that can be done better and so they get added to the redesign. I have new kit components cut but not assembled so no pictures of the assembled kit, but.......

Pictures of Cad drawn house in 3mm
Both these items will be available for pre order in October for delivery at the AMEA AGM in November or for postal delivery after that. And the third thing, there are only 24 hours in a day which is just not enough to get everything done.

Until next time, hopefully with more photo's

Yours in miniatures


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