Monday, 1 September 2014

Further Ramblings from inside my head.

Hi all, been a busy couple of weeks and wasn't sure what to post about as structures are being built but not ready for showing photos yet. Have been making the 5 rooms and stairwell for the Helical House, it is starting to look good as I assembled 5 partially built rooms on to a variety of center shafts to see if they where going to work the way I see them in my head. They look great and the house as a whole is pretty fun.

I haven't had any spare time for the Theater so it sits there and looks back at me. It may have to be disassembled though as I had a phone call about some commission work for filming of a commercial which includes building approx. 30 1/48th buildings and some 1/12th and 1/6th versions. I need the space. Quotes have been done and I will hear on the 12th Sept so between now and then will continue with the Helical House and get the NZ Railway house designed so that if the job happens I will still be able to get things ready to take over to the NZ Convention. My timetable is tight as I have to finish the job, then fly to NZ for 6 days then back to Sydney for filming as soon as I return.

The other thing I've been working on are ideas for a workshop for next years Australian Dollhouse Convention because that needs to be designed and built by the end of January. My head is playing with multiple ideas, from room box's incorporating mirrors to do some film type trickery to an exterior of an Art Deco theater or an interior of a French Art Deco department store that can be done in levels to assemble a multistory building and trying to put a twist on traditional ideas without taking it to far or making it unachievable in a workshop setting.

This is a scan of a page from a 1926 book about Art Deco, and I just love the symmetrical look of this image. I would love to just replicate this but size would be an issue for people. I have an idea forming about using the style of this, and setting it up as a display space that you could showcase whatever you wanted to in it.

Until next time,  yours in miniatures

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