Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Proposal for Australian Convention 2015

As mentioned in the previous post I've been playing with the French Art Deco department store for next years Australian Dollhouse Convention. After a fair bit of thinking and with discussions with other miniaturists I've decided to put that as a workshop aside for later. The project will work as a workshop but only in 1/12th scale which will make it rather larger than I want for next year. I have figured a way to make it as sections that can be joined together to create a display building of various sizes and complexities. This will be a stunning display box for any collection of items, as one miniaturist friend said she's been waiting for the right thing to display her Wedding collection in.

Instead for next year my proposal will be an Australian Art Deco theater frontage with vestibule and Milk bar in 1/48th. The original is a local to me structure that still retains its Art Deco details but is no longer a cinema. I've almost finished the working drawings for the design and have ordered the electrics necessary to make it stand out. The workshop will include the assembling and painting of the structure, how to replicate chrome and some assembly and installation of working Neon lighting, spot lights and interior lighting. Also as part of the original design is a small Milk Bar that you can dress yourself or we can do a 1 day workshop during the year at the AMEA. Finished dimensions are 455mm wide x 355mm high x 225mm deep. This will allow some interior for the shop, the entrance and stairs to the balcony, and a section of roadway to be able to park cars in front of the theater. It also keeps it to a reasonable size for those running out of room for larger structures.

An Update on Helical House.
The Helical House is coming together beautifully, I've laid a Tasmanian Oak floor in the first room and Designed and printed wallpaper for this room as well, I'm making use of the spring sun to get components painted and dry.

This room is not completed yet, but the house is coming together the way I want it to. This room will become the living and entertainment room, a working TV on the end wall and some comfy couch's, I'm currently designing a variety of modern light fittings to work in this house, light switch's are fitted, just nothing to control yet.

yours in miniatures......

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