Friday, 23 January 2015

1/48th 1920s Queenslander prototype build

I've finally got the Queenslander prototype finished, I've been distracted by doing a bit of prop making for a TV series in Melbourne. I'm very happy with the look of the Queenslander and I'm looking forward to having it on display at the Brisbane show in February. It's now ready for cutting of kits and assembling another one to take photos of for the assembly manual

I have to head out now to assist my local miniatures group, but wanted to get these out before I go. I will put more details up later today as well as some info about a New and exciting Streamline Moderne house.

Yours in miniatures

This is my first kit to include all internal doors and door architraves as well as all external doors and windows. The floor boards and decking timbers with nail heads are also etched for easy finishing. The only things need to finish the kit to look like photos are paint, wallpaper and glue and scenic material. I have found new thickness materials for the windows and doors that has increased the realism and construct-ability.

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