Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The next kit news

Hello all, after the successful design and build of the 1920s Queenslander and kits are being assembled for next weeks Brisbane miniatures show " I hav good news and I hav bad news" said with a very bad German accent, " Ve vill begin with das bad" the Bendigo Art Deco house which was to have been my next kit has been put on hold. I know, I know all you Art Deco fans have been waiting patiently for it but "das good news" is another Streamline Moderne house first. I have reached agreement with the owner David Cavanagh about building a 1/48th kit of his home in Perth " Blue Waters". This is a more interesting as a first Deco build and will be able to sit alongside the Bendigo house as a significantly different variation on the Art Deco theme.

Image courtesy D. Cavanagh

David's website has some interesting history and photos of the "Original Party Palace" as its known so please check out his website at "Blue Waters house in Perth".

Yours in miniatures

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