Friday, 2 January 2015

A New year is on us.

Happy New Year everyone, 

 I have just started the Queenslander kit in 1/48th. At this stage I only have the base structure assembled. You get that perfect first and then start fitting the details. As a new addition this kit will come with all internal doors and architrave. I have also etched all the floorboards and decking timbers with nail holes. Their are 3 sets of french doors and 7 single doors, most external doors will have glass fanlights above and grill vents above the internals. Also 5 double casement windows and an archway for the hallway, front and rear steps and detailed hand railing. It will also come with correct corrugated card for the roof.

Front and right verandahs, Bedrooms at front, kitchen at right.


Front and left 2x bedrooms and bathroom at rear

I am also doing this house slightly different by having access by removing the roof instead of walls. The New Zealand railway house showed that this is quite feasible. This works better because of the balcony's and detail pieces and because you can see through the french doors and windows into the rooms. The exterior walls will be clad in basswood weatherboard or clapboard siding to our American cousins.

Stumps and floor framing.

Rear, kitchen to left, bathroom to right.

There are still a lot of details to add to this basic structure so keep an eye on this blog for further updates.

As I've said before I will have this kit available first at the Brisbane Dollhouse and Miniature Extravaganza first weekend in February, and plan to have a fully finished display model available. I will also be bringing up some stock of previous kits, putting it in the boot rather than having to carry it on a plane makes a big difference.

I had a lovely request from a women in Bowral for the Bendigo Streamline Moderne house in 1/24h rather than 1/48th as a kit. Is there any other interest in 1/24th for houses as my newer buildings don't just scale up from 48th by using thicker materials but need a fair bit of readjustment for different materials as well as 4x as much of thicker material. So for it to be economic I need to make as a commission or to believe that I will sell more than a couple of kits. The other comments from her were some suggestions for other 20th century Australian homes, which I've been looking into and fit with where I'm heading. The Bendigo Streamline house is the next kit into production followed by an Art deco multi story frontage with front rooms that can be set up as a variety of apartments or hotel rooms.

 My houses are becoming more architecturally correct with each new kit, which I'm enjoying creating and are now suitable as display house's or to go on model railway layouts as well as dollhouses.

Yours in miniatures



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