Monday, 28 July 2014

1/48th and 1/24th Concept models

Over the weekend I put some concept models together, Concept models are a simplified version of what you are wanting to build so that you and others can get a visual 3d view of your design before  spend money and time and you build all the detail. In this case I built a pair of rooms one in 24th and one in 48th scale of a french palace side room, The purpose being for a client and I to decide which scale will give the client what is wanted and for me to decide if I can do the required detail in a particular size. The room box's I made are both of the same room with a hallway to the left and a balcony and view to the right. I like where possible to extend rooms because then you have more of a feeling of viewing into a section of a building, not just a box.

1/48th concept box
1/24th in lighter print
1/48th printer colour corrected
1/48th with front surround
1/48th over 1/24 before reprinting small version

A concept model allows you to see what works and what doesn't, In this box the railing hides that I'm using a bent photo which means I can keep the box smaller, but I need to do something with the back wall of the hall, possibly a mirror reflecting the hall and a new print against the rear of the front of maybe a hall going around a corner.

Yours in miniatures

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