Friday, 4 July 2014

Kit and Postage pricing updated 10/07/14

As I now have an Internet shop at  which has my range of kits and priceing in different currencies and a postage calculator when items are added to a cart there is no need to update this page any further.

Thanks to Kim H. putting out the word on different 1/48th forums I have been getting a lot of interest in the 1/48th houses and in pricing and availability.

So here go's........

1/48th Painted Ladies, all versions as I get them drawn ..........Aud
{Version 1 currently available, Italianate in the next couple of weeks, a 5 further
 versions to follow} Weight for postage <3.5kg with base
1/48th Street Base to suit Painted Ladies ........$Aud or $ if ordered
with house. Bases range from Number 1 - 6 as they get higher up the street.
The idea being that individuals can buy a house but then display it at a show
with other house builders. So within a group organising base numbers would
be helpful.

1/48 Fairy Tale Villa in boxboard and mdf ...........$Aud
weight for postage <1kg
1/48 Tudor Mill House in boxboard with wood dowel.......$Aud
Weight for postage <500gms

These are the current range but please contact me for a quote for any of the
houses in the dollhouse-catalogue or if you have any special requests. As I draw up
and cut my own kits, anything is possible...

Postage from Australia is not the cheapest as we have a monopoly operator and
couriers are even worse.
But to give you some idea of postage based on requests over the last couple of days

Painted Lady and base, 3.5Kgs             Australia     $Aud with signature

                                                           to USA       $ seamail (2-3 months)
                                                         or Canada    $ Air mail (7-10 days)
                                                                            $ Express (3-7 days + sign)
but for additional kits within the same Air order would be $54.95each to a max 20Kgs

                                                             to UK          $ sea mail
                                                                               $0 Air mail
                                                                               $ Express

                                                             to NZ          $ Air mail

All postage will be at cost, and I will confirm with buyers before settling of account. Prices quoted are as of today's date in Australian dollars as per  Aust Post postage-calculator . Smaller houses would be lighter and therefore cheaper to send.

For American buyers your dollar is currently higher than ours, so would be approximately 7% cheaper, but you can use a calculator to check conversion.
 xe currency convertor  or any other on the net. All currency conversions will be on the date of order being received.

To contact me about any further information please use the contact form at the bottom of the blog. Because this is early days I don't have a sales website yet and if I use Etsy or E-Bay my prices will have to go up to cover their charges. I have a PayPal acct and have found that it has been the easiest and safest way for me to buy goods around the world, but I am flexible.

Yours in miniatures


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