Friday, 4 July 2014

As promised some photos of the development of the Egyptian Theater. The right hand tower above the foyer and entrance is starting to take shape,the figure is a 1/12 6inch tall man to give some idea of the size of this thing. His name is William, but only answers to Bill and he represents someone who never got to see what I have ended up doing in life.

 Behind the amazing top windows is the original managers office, 18ft high, which later had a dropped ceiling at 8ft. I am still researching how it was decorated but will base it on a period office if I am unable to find out more detail. I am trying to find who was the theater manager in the 70s because he fought to keep the auditorium from being vandalised by an interior decorator who painted the building white and wanted to do the same to the proscenium. If anyone knows anyone or has any info about the early days of the theater, particularly photos or descriptions of the interior, I would love to hear from you.

At present Bill is not happy with the work completed and is taking notes of my lack of work done today, but in my defense, going out with my wife to catch up with friends is worth more brownie points, and I can make up the schedule over the weekend. In the lower photo is the entrance to the foyer with the 2 sets of double doors behind leading into the main hallway. The cutouts to left and right will be spacers for some of  the poster box's, these will be made from timber and glass, and will be hinged to allow the ability to change the posters to suit any mood. Above Bill's head will be the marquee that comes out 12inchs from the building in 2 directions and has lots of lovely lights, I'll just grin and bear how to organise getting modern Led's to create hundreds of bulbs, have had some thoughts of how to accomplish it, so will be doing some testing. The exterior of the building was stuccoed and scored to resemble stone slabs, the etches on the walls are to give me guidance for the stonework layout.

Yours in miniatures


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