Thursday, 24 July 2014

Some news for the week, and other ramblings

Hello all spent some time today making some soft safety knives for a TV show, always interesting making things out of other materials look like something else. The other news from this week that has had my head thinking is I've been asked to do, an up to 3 day workshop at the AMEA 15th Convention October next year. This has got me rather excited, the theme is "through the looking glass" which to me will be nothing about Alice, but more about a different way of looking at a miniature room or rooms and how our perceptions can be deceived between our eyes and our brains. I have a very clear idea of where I'll take this but I want to keep the details until next year. I will probably show some of the developmental work here but an illusion isn't the same when you see behind the curtains. It will be traditionally a doll house miniature but not like most have done before.

The other great news for me is that I'm off to New Zealand in October this year to attend the NZAME Dollhouse Convention in Richmond on the South Island. I have bought my airfare and booked my accommodation so all being well I look forward to how things are done in my homeland, I'm actually a kiwi in disguise in Aussie. It sounds like a great show and I'm really looking forward to it. I have also sent in my membership application form to become a member of NZAME. I also a little nervous about the possibility of seeing some of my kits finished for the show as a few have found homes in NZ.

The other big news of the last week or so is that I've been offered some dollhouse commissions which are a little out of my usual time period but that for me is half the fun learning more about architectural history and about why things were done the way they were and what that would say to people. In other words rooms or building have a purpose and they tell a story, from the over imposing very tall rooms of a palace to a small fire side nook, sometimes it's to impress with power or control or simply somewhere to snuggle, feel safe and secure and enjoy you and your family's world for a time.

Now with everything else going on I have to make sure to keep working on new kits, progressing with the Theater, which with the help of a head scenic artist friend, have come up with the base colours. So until next time.....

Yours in miniatures

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