Thursday, 3 July 2014

Catalog Pdf

I have now attached a PDF of a catalog of designs from Paul Campbell at Makecnc  which are in the previous post until I learn how to move to the Downloads page. (have downloaded instruction video from You Tube but no sound as my laptop is a bit cold, 3 degrees in my workshop at the moment.)(UPDATE now 15degrees and solved issue.:-) I will be slowly adding all these house designs to my own catalog as I redraw them. Paul's designs have been created for use by laser cutters and cnc routers but where not designed as scaled dollhouses. I am slowly modifying them to scale and making the designs more dollhouse appropriate having Paul's permission. I have also created the Painted Lady from one of his Ho scale model train buildings but modified extensively to be much more suitable as a dollhouse with full interior and more detail as shown in earlier posts.

 At the moment I have the Fairy Tale Villa, Judy Garland, Painted Lady version1 and the Tudor Mill drawings modified and ready for cutting but I am interested in hearing what people are interested in. The ones I've done have been because these have been the one's requested, It seems that 1/48th scale is the biggest request scale so far because it seems that there are a lot of dollhouse builders looking for new designs in that scale. Because the kits are a new range for me, and also a way to promote my larger houses, it's been a rather busy period since the Sydney show when I first put out the idea of what I was thinking of doing.

This is me at the show with our display table. The building are Left - 1/12 Tudor Mill, Center rear to front, 1/24 Tudor Mill, 1/24 Berea Contrast House and 1/48 Fairy Tale Villa. Right - 2 rooms from my 1/12 Craftsman bungalow that I have now packed away while doing the cinema and some A&C furniture.

So please contact me or leave a comment and I will see where we go on this journey as it's still early days.

Yours in miniatures

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